property preparation guide

Here are some things you can do to ensure your property is in top shape for photographs and showings. 

2 Weeks Before

Touch up Drywall, chipped paint, etc.

Repair latches on cupboards

Door hardware in good repair (lock should turn smoothly with minimal effort) Oil squeaky doors.

Leaky taps and running toilets repaired.

Caulk around tub, toilet, sink, etc.

Declutter, including inside cupboards, closets and cabinet

Order Status Certificate (if applicable)

Set aside a copy of the survey, utility bills, etc. 

1 Week Before

Remove fridge magnets.

Replace any burnt out lightbulbs.

Hide family photographs, personal information, etc. 

Hide clutter behind closed doors.

Front door area is clean: no cobwebs, chipped paint, etc. 

Declutter outdoor space: balcony, deck, backyard.

1 Day Before

Remove prep materials (e.g. painters tape, cleaning supplies)

Hide waste bins.

Hide all cables and cords.

Hide all toys.

Remove clutter from desks, dressers, counters, sinks, vanities, tubs/showers. Fresh Flowers/plants.

Finalize all furniture positioning.

✓ Windex glass and shiny surfaces (Mirrors, taps, windows, etc.) 

✓ Clean floors and vacuum.

Rake lawn.

Hide any coats, bags, shoes, floor mats, etc.

Same Day

Make all beds.

Hide small appliances.

Turn off all computer and TV screens.

Turn on all lights including pot lights, lamps, task lighting, hood/fan lights, etc. 

Hide or stage towels and mats (no tea towels on stove)

Position shower curtains (open or close) to your liking.

Close all toilet seats.

Turn off any ceiling fans or any other moving fixtures.

Open drapes and blinds.

Turn on or light fireplaces.

Close any doors to any areas you don’t want shown.

Open all other doors (eg. bedroom, bathroom doors).

Contain or remove all pets.

Hide all pet bowls, beds, toys, and cages.

Hide garbage, recycling bins, toys, and hoses.

Remove all vehicles from the driveway and street front.


All of the above plus:

Fresh air – Open windows in the morning if necessary.

Ensure house/unit is room temperature (21ºC or 70ºF).

Play background music (e.g. Café Jazz or LoFi Beats)